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Spam: Jensen Scrumptiousness I've Never Seen Before

Now there is the odd image of a certain green-eyed pretty saved on my hard drive; you know, just two or three ...

... thousand.

So, taking this into account, when I see a picture of Jensen I've never seen before, it's quite a significant event.

So much so, I have been known to pass out.
(Memo to self: it's dusty down here - remember to hoover the carpet more often.)

I have also been known to react with pure spontaneous joy.


I have to hang on tight because sometimes there is a very real danger of falling off my chair.

This is exactly the look Jensen would give me when I do that.

I guess it is quite amusing.


Now, be sensible Jensen.

There will be a brief intermission while Dizzo licks Jensen's neck takes a break.

Okay smartass, you can stop smirking now ...

Whoever says that Jensen's not pleased to see me?????

Damnit, I'm on the floor again.

Sometimes I find Jensen in profile, and that's nice.

Sometimes he's not in profile but he still only has half a face.
Freckle alert!

Okay Dizzo, that's all now; put the tongue away and step away from the neck ...

all images courtesy of Pinterest.  Creditt as per watermarks (where applicable)
If you feel specific credit is due for any of these images, please let me know - happy to add!

Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen, pictures

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