Dizzojay's Dean Dreams (dizzojay) wrote,
Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

Oh, whoop-de-doo!!!

Ah, thinks I ... 'I'll have a go at this funky little meme-y thing, and find out where my perfect summer holiday is ...'

What larks!


Your Summer Vacation is London

You are pretty conventional when it comes down to it.
You have mainstream tastes and interests.
You're looking for something a little different to shake things up...
but nothing too foreign.

You consider yourself to be a normal person. You fit well
into this world. You have high standards, and you are fair to everyone.
Manners are important to you, even if that's old fashioned.


Yeah, great!  30 miles up the road ... woah, I can barely contain myself!!!

Tags: meme-y stuff

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