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That Was The Week That Was ...

Well, it's over.  GISHWHES 2015 came and went.  It was the first GISHWHES I've actively taken part in as a team member, but I had an idea of what to expect as I've always been there on the periphery to help out if needed in the past.

It's been an amazing and mind-expanding (or is that mindbending) blast, and our team, SPNFamilyBusiness, including jj1564, amberdreams, and theymp among others, eventually managed to complete a fantastic 111 tasks out of the 218 (I think) that were listed.

Misha's goal when devising GISHWHES was, not only to compel people to perform random acts of kindness but also to develop and challenge individuals; drawing them out of their comfort zone and making them do things they would never otherwise think of doing.

Um, yes, Misha; I think it's fair to say you certainly succeeded in your grand plan!!

So for your delectation, here's a pictorial rundown of my own personal humiliations achievements.  Feel free to laugh and point; I won't mind ...

Do a dramatic reading of your grade-school report card.


Get your local weatherhuman to do their weather report dressed as a superhero.
Yes, I really did stand in front of the houses of Parliament dressed as Batman!!


Design a cover for National Geographic with the theme 'Discovering the Padalecki', a new species discovered by workers building a tropical inland dam.

Make a beutiful tribute to Leonard Nimoy (Mr Dizzo baked the cake)

Strike a ballet pose wearing a Tutu made of kale in front of an important monument with bystanders applauding.
Unfortunately, we forgot the applauding bystander, but I think we should get extra points because I'm not only standing in front of the important monument (St Paul's Cathedral), I'm wearing it as a tiara :D

(Yes, I really did spend an evening stapling cabbage and kale to a tutu)

Write a short Supernatural-based horror story using only the letters from the Periodic table

Cosplay a famous inanimate object
(my Impala comes complete with her own Dean ready to give her a nice wash and wax) ... Mr Dizzo really needs to work on his 'Dean blue steel'

I've won a one way trip to colonise Mars, I only have ten kilos baggage allowance, and I will live on dust mite dung so food isn't an issue.  I have to set out my packing in an orderly fashion on my bed.
I'd say I got my priorities right here.  (Of course, i'll be seriously naffed off if there isn't a DVD player in the spaceship)

Take a photo of yourself doing something that would make the world a better place if everyone did it.
I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone planted some Kale ... it would oxygenate the planet, people would get more of their five a day and Misha would be happy!

Group task - show off our spectacular moustaches.  Here's mine ...


Here's a great video by Elisa, our team captain, with all of our brilliant and crazy work in it.

To paraphrase someone we all know and love - I'm proud of us!
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