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A plea to my F-listies!

My muse is on strike.

No really, there's no point in sugarcoating the fact; my muse, the idle little cow, has downed tools and is flatly refusing to earn her keep.

The fact is, with the exception of my Spn-Big-Pretzel spring Fic Exchange story and my Summergen story, I've been virtually incapable of writing anything other than drabbles all year.  I did manage a multi-chapter story in the first couple of months of 2015 but that was like pulling teeth.

So, I say again, my muse is on strike and it's pissing me off royally!

This is where you come in.  You're my wonderful F-listies, and you know the sort of stories I like to write:

I'm a hurt/comfort girl
I love humorous stories
I normally write gen, although I would never rule out slash if that's what someone wanted.  My only proviso is that I prefer to write Dean-centric stories).  So I'm asking you to give me ideas, prompts, wishes, plot-bunnies ... whatever you want to call them ... please help me give my muse the kick up the arse that she deserves!

I want to get back to writing!!!

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