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A blast from my past

I was digging through my office tonight looking for an old photo for my Dad, and I came across these three antiques tucked away in a portfolio behind the desk - three of the oldest drawings of mine that I still own.

I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure these were done in the lead up to my art O-level exam, that would have made me 15-16, and they amply demonstrate that my nerdish tendancies started at an early age!!!

I've always been interested in Arthurian legend, and I remember about this time going through a phase of wanting to draw nothing else.

This was an experiment, my first time (as I recall) of drawing on a black background, an effect that I fell in love with - now three quarters of my pictures are on a black background!  This was executed in silver Kandahar ink and fountain pen

Sir Galahad - this was done in pastels (I was already hooked on them).  I wasn't at all confident about drawing human faces here.

A random knight.  I used to love drawing knights; the movement, the flowing caparisons, the gleaming armour, the horses, the drama ... what's not to love??

I must try it again at some point!

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