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I have a Quandary ...

... and I was wondering if one of my US f-listies might be able to help me out?

A little while ago, I sent some stuff to one of my US f-listies and she offered to reimburse me for the postage - $65.00 (about £40.00).

We discussed how best to do this because she didn't have a Paypal account and we didn't want her to incur bank charges to send such a relatively small amount of money, so in the end, I suggested that she just send me an Amazon voucher because I get loads of stuff from there, and I would make good use of it sooner or later.

She happily agreed to this, and sent me the voucher straight away, exactly as we agreed.

What I didn't realise was that because the voucher was originated in the US, it would only be applicable on Amazon.com, not Amazon.co.uk, and that Amazon won't transfer vouchers between the two (which seems ridiculous considering it's all the same company).

What this effectively means is that to spend my voucher, I've got to buy something on the US site and get it shipped over here to the UK which, I've now realised is completely impractical, the Amazon shipping costs from the US are $50 upwards every time!

So, I'm stuck with $65 which my friend sent me in all good faith and that I can't use. :(

I can't transfer the voucher to anyone else because it's applied to my account, but I was wondering if maybe any of my US f-listies would be prepared to get me to order an item, next time they wanted something from Amazon and have it delivered to their home address, and they can then reimburse me through Paypal.  It seems a totally arse-about-face way of doing things but I can't think of getting my money any other way.

If anyone DOES have a more sensible idea, I'm all ears!!!
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