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My husband is a naughty, naughty man!

Mr Dizzo hurt his wrist a couple of days ago.

He was servicing his bike in the garden on Wednesday evening, and doing something (don't ask me what) with the biggest spanner he owned, and his sweaty, oily hand slipped off the spanner which spun round and smacked him right on that nerve-rich knob of bone on the side of his wrist.

The following day, his fingers were numb and his hand quite swollen, so as he works at our local hospital, he decided to get it checked out.

He told me this evening that when the nurse asked him what had happened, he told her:

'Well, I had this great big tool in my hand, and my hand was all oily and slipped off the end while I was twisting it.'

Luckily his wrist isn't broken.  Which is probably more than I can say for that poor nurse!!!!
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