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One Year On - a message of thanks!

Exactly one year ago, my fab buddies jj1564, milly_gal and I decided that we loved our little Mini Funko Winchester dolls so much that we decided to set up a little mini community here on Livejournal so that we could give ourselves a valid excuse for having fun with them, and hopefully put a few smiles on a few equally mad peoples' faces in the process.

And on that modest foundation, on the 8th July 2014, spn_on_parade was born

Today spn_on_parade celebrates its first anniversary and during that year, we have been amazed and delighted that our little plastic peeps have been embraced beyond our wildest imaginings by almost 100 wonderful people from all around the world.  635 posts, and in excess of 40 Funkos later, the community is still going strong; hopping with mini madness and Funko frolics.

So this is where I want to say a massive and sincere thank you to those people who follow our adventures with the mini boys, laugh along with us, support us and encourage and enable us.  I know many of you are on my f-list, hence this post.  As I've said before, without you all we'd just be three women who are old enough to know better and a lot of plastic dolls.

If you haven't discovered spn_on_parade yet, hop on over and visit us; we'd love to see you!
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