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Wish You Were Here - Chapter 19


Concerned chocolate brown eyes watched from under a crisp red ohia blossom as Dean sat staring forlornly into the middle distance, listlessly pushing his barely-tasted lunch around his plate.


He looked up vacantly, with a startled blink, almost as if he'd forgotten Leylaani was there.

"Don't you like your clams?"

Letting out a deep sigh, Dean shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and laid his fork on the side of his plate in defeat. "No, they're awesome," he replied unenthusiastically, forcing a smile for Leylaani's sake; "really good."

She put her own fork down and reached across the table taking Dean's hand in her own; "is it about tomorrow?" she asked quietly.

Dean looked down at the table and nodded silently. He couldn't bring himself to look at her; she was only another excruciating reminder of what he was going to be leaving behind when he boarded that damned sonofabitch plane tomorrow.


The pool glistened and sparkled in the afternoon sun, but went unnoticed by two figures sitting beside it.

Sitting in a downhearted silence, Sam and Bobby read their books as they waited for Dean to return from his lunch date at Leylaani's favourite seafood restaurant; the dancing brilliance of the clear azure water beside them, a stark contrast to the pall of doleful gloom which was firmly settled over the two men.

Sam slowly closed his book; he had finally finished the Dan Brown novel it had taken him the entire vacation to read thanks to his brother's constant distractions, but he took no satisfaction from the fact.

Today, the sun's warmth and the cool crystalline water of the pool couldn't enchant Sam, nor could the dazzling, riotous colours of the hibiscus plants. Even the joyful squeals coming from the children of a newly arrived family couldn't elicit a hint of cheer across Sam's richly tanned face.

Not today when he knew that in less than 24 hours he would be on the plane back to their ordinary, drab, dangerous lives.

It was a little over an hour when Dean and Leylaani walked back into the resort, and even though Dean had his arm protectively wrapped around the slender shoulders of the delicate figure walking alongside him, the despondent slump of the elder Winchester's shoulders was unmistakeable.


They had barely announced themselves to Sam and Bobby before Leylaani squirmed out from under Dean's grasp and, dropping her handbag on the floor beside Bobby's lounger, began unbuttoning her jeans.

Their mouths fell open as, before they could say or do anything, she had stripped down to a cheerful yellow bikini, and was busily tying her long black hair into a neat bun.

Trying his hardest not to look, Bobby noticed with a gulp, and a creeping blush, how the bikini was just modest enough to do an excellent job of hiding her hunter's tattoo.

Completely unfazed by the fact that all three men were staring open-mouthed at the taut bronze curves of her daintily perfect figure, she began to gently but defly unbutton Dean's shirt.

"Now, Dean, I'm not having you and your brother wasting your last day in paradise being sad and grumpy, and I'm sure your stepfather will agree with me on this, so I suggest you both get your asses in that pool to have some fun with me before I have to kick you both in."

She glanced across to Bobby for approval which he keenly gave with a vigorous nod, then turned her withering stare toward Sam who timidly put his drink down and obediently began to pull off his shirt.

Bobby's smile broadened as the tiny creature stood with her hands on her slender nutbrown hips, waiting impatiently for Dean to emerge from the mens room changed into his remaining pair of swimming shorts; sober blue to match his mood, and chuckled heartily as she herded the two bewildered Winchesters into the pool, elegantly diving in after the. God, he loved that woman.

"Ya forgot something," Bobby snorted, as he stood on the side of the pool and tossed Danno in amongst the three bobbing heads. He was rewarded by a smile from both brothers for the first time that day.


Having spent the evening engaging in the unpleasant task of packing their bags, the three men sat on their balcony staring out over the moonlit ocean. There was a distinct rumble in the crashing surf tonight; even that seemed disturbed and melancholy to perfectly match the Winchesters' mood.

"I'm turnin' in," Bobby eventually announced, bending into a cautious stretch.

"Okay," Sam looked across at Dean who hadn't even acknowledged Bobby's comment.

"I think we're gonna stay out a bit longer," he added.

Bobby nodded goodnight, then left the brothers to their thoughts.

They sat in silence for another hour, lulled into peace by the unusually stiff breeze which continued to stir and simmer the inky black ocean, until eventually Sam stood and arched into a long stretch. "I'm hittin' the sack bro', you coming?" he mumbled around a wide yawn.

Dean shook his head.

"Stayin' out here," he stated flatly without looking away from the horizon.

Sam blinked; "all night?"

Dean gave a tight-lipped nod; "never gonna see it again, don't wanna waste what time I've got left sleepin'."

Opening his mouth to argue, Sam thought better of it. At least Dean would be tired for the flight back even before he started popping the sleeping pills; in fact it might be a blessing in disguise.

Sam stood and gazed out at the beautiful vista; actually, it wasn't a bad idea.

He pulled out his chair and sat down once again.

Dean turned and a ghost of a smile crossed his face.


Bobby's eyes opened to another morning of sparkling crystal-bright sunlight. He blinked, focussing his sleep-muzzed vision to see both the other beds in the room empty, and undisturbed.

Sitting up cautiously, he peered though the doors onto the balcony to see two sleeping bodies leaning heavily into each other; both slumped over the balcony rails.

He couldn't help the smile that crossed his face.


Using the excuse that he was going to get some water for the trip back, Bobby strode across the terrace alone.

He headed straight for the bar and to the person he hoped he would find there.

"Hey Leylaani;" he beamed warmly when he saw the familiarly delicate figure, complete with pale pink rose neatly tucking her jet black hair behind her left ear.

She turned and her face lit up with delight.


Scampering round the end of the bar, she pulled the older man into a deeply loving filial hug.

"Are you all packed?" she asked, finally releasing Bobby from her bear hug.

Bobby nodded, "uh yeah;" he replied, "the boys are jus' showering and packing their last things then they'll be down to say their goodbyes, I just wanted to get down here and have a proper chance to say my farewells and thank ya for - well, you know."

Leylaani smiled; "it's my job Bobby."

"Well, ya damned good at it." he replied; "jus' stay safe, okay?"

She gave a thoughtful nod. "You too Bobby," adding; "I'll take care of myself; I know enough tricks to keep myself safe and dangerous."

A brief silence fell between them.

"Although there is one trick I won't be able to pull any more."

Bobby cocked his head, asking the question silently.

She glanced at the small bandage on her hand; "I won't be killing any more succubi …" she muttered with a tiny shrug and a sheepish grin like the kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

A faint blush reddened her cheeks as she watched the wheels turn in Bobby's head.

"Son of a b…" he spluttered as the penny dropped; "I'll kick his ass into next week, that boy's got no friggin' shame …"

Leylaani shook her head kindly; "don't worry Bobby, Dean did nothing wrong. I said I would give myself heart and soul to the love of my life when I found him," she hesitated, looking at her feet. "I didn't say I would be able to stay with him."

It was at that moment that Bobby's heart broke into a thousand pieces.



Chapter 20 - conclusion
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