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Sunshine and Heavy showers

Looking out of the window at the rain clouds with heavy rain forecast; my mind started to wander. 

This troubles me because it's far to little to be out on it's own but, inspired by sunshine and showers, it did come up with this little taste of our boy Dean, meteorological style!

Rating: K
Genre: Family/angst
Word count: approx 100

Disclaimer: Don't own them, such a shame ...

Dean Winchester is a force of nature ...

The mighty Dean Winchester is a rainbow …

Red; the blood that courses through his veins, driving a strong, fair heart

Orange; the fire in his belly that fuels a burning need to do the right thing

Yellow; the sunshine that only Sam can bring

Green; his eyes, windows to an oh so broken soul

Blue; the sadness of a life lived without a mother's love

Indigo; the night sky, the darkness that brings the nightmares of hell

Violet; his life's purpose, to help the helpless and protect Sammy


… The beautiful light that pushes away the storm.


Tags: angst, colours, dean winchester, love, rainbow, supernatural

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