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Well, it's been a funny old day ...

As I may have mentioned once or twice, my workplace is going through a huge development and we have all recently moved into swanky new offices which we are now pretty much settled in, although the actual move back in April and the lead up to it virtually drove us to drink.

Not that I needed much driving, mark you!

As the next phase in our development begins, the existing buildings that we just moved out of need to be demolished to make way for the new buildings and I have to say, having never spectated at a demolition before, it's very distractng and totally fascinating!

Today, I stood and watched the office that I've worked in for the last twelve years cease to exist, and I find myself having mixed feelings.  Kind of glad to see the back of it because the building was a wreck, but sort of sad too - you don't occupy a building for twelve years and not have some fond memories of it.

The office block started to disappear yesterday

Say hello to the new open-plan office ...

Today, and the giant 'dinosaur' has eaten nearly half the building now.

Now if I was still working in this building it would be starting to get a bit draughty.

I remember good times and bad times in that little room.  End of an era!

Not much left now.

Our new premises - only completed three months ago:  Head office is the top level on the left hand side.
It's very smart and swish and modern, but still a bit soulless at the moment ...

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