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Wish You Were Here - Chapter 15

Lots of sauce in this chapter, and I don't mean the tomato kind ...

Leylaani frantically dialled 911, watching as the two hunters abandoned Bobby's shattered water bottles, turning without hesitation to run toward the hotel.

She screamed across at a young waitress who had ambled casually past the bar, dragging her behind the bar and ordering her to stay with Des until the ambulance arrived.

Crouching beside Des' still form, the waitress watched bewildered as Leylaani dashed away, grabbing a fruit knife and yelling about another emergency she had to deal with.

Sam and Bobby couldn't deal with this without her.

What the waitress didn't see was the deep gash Leylaani carved across her palm as she ran. She didn't even flinch; this bitch was hers.


"Bobby are you gonna tell me what the hell is going on?" Sam gasped as he tore across the resort, dragged along in Bobby's slipstream.

How the hell could a man of Bobby's age possibly move so damn fast? Bad back? You're kidding, it was like the guy suddenly had a rocket pack implanted up his ass,

Sam let out a yelp as his unco-ordinated feet tangled round the leg of a bench and he stumbled, almost faceplanting across the terrace. Stopping momentarily, Bobby turned to drag Sam to his feet.

"It's a succubus," Bobby snorted breathlessly; "I ain't got time to do this now, I'm sorry Sam – you gotta trust me here, but there a succubus at the resort an' right now Dean's in real bad danger."

Sam's eyes widened in horror as he scrambled to his feet and the two men took off again towards the main building.

Neither heard Leylaani's dainty sandals pit-pattering swiftly after them.


The first thing Dean became vaguely aware of through a fog of deliciously restful slumber was a warm, gentle hand touching the side of his face.

"Who's… ere?" he murmured softly, his speech faintly slurred by the deepest of sleeps.

Velvety soft lips that he couldn't see touched his with the daintiest of kisses, and warm, fragrant breath ghosted over his ear as a lilting female voice responded quietly; "someone who loves you Dean; loves you very, very much."

He shifted under the thin white sheet with a sigh; "hmmmmm … 'laani ?"

Another softly tender kiss against his earlobe led to a series of warm, lingering kisses that travelled down the side of his neck. "Surrender to me. Let me love you;" the silky voice whispered it's soothing and gentle reassurance, a balm which was pulling Dean further and deeper into a blissful rest from which she intended he would never awake.

Shifting again, Dean's head canted slowly toward the honey-sweet voice. His arms reached upwards, groping blindly to embrace the source of the voice as his back arched slowly under the loving, tantalising touch that he could feel so intensely, so magically, but not see.

He felt the mattress sink slightly as a cool body lowered itself onto the bed beside him, leaning down over him as it traced unseen fingertips along his collarbones. "You like that don't you, Dean," she purred, her lips barely an inch from Dean's cheek, "you would like more, wouldn't you?" she teased, "much more."

"Uh-huh…" he nodded helplessly, his breath hitching and catching in his throat with a small hiccup as those unseen hands began to dance across his chest, caressing and stroking until he was shivering with overwhelming pleasure.

"Yes, Dean," she smiled a predatory smile, "let me please you; let me show you how much you are loved…"


"A succubus? How did you find out about this? why the hell didn't you tell us?" Sam yelled after Bobby; "tell ya later," panted Bobby breathlessly as they thundered along the corridor toward the elevator, with Leylaani bringing up the rear.

"I'll explain everything Sam, but we gotta get to Dean before this creepy bitch does."


Dean was beginning to pant harshly, his head rocking weakly from side to side as his every nerve fired and throbbed with pleasure under the succubus' skilful touch. Kneading and stroking, her touch was sending paroxysms of euphoric intensity through his body, making him writhe and buck, utterly lost in a dreamy swirling fog of blissful pleasure.

His head bent back against the bed as his body arched and squirmed in ecstasy; his moans rising as the soft lips pecked their way along his jaw line, the unseen hands tracing circles of tantalising fire across his sweat-slicked skin. He felt the slippery warmth of her silk gown brush over him as her insubstantial weight bore down on him, closer and closer until she was wrapped around him like a second skin.

Those same soft hands cupped his face as her lips clamped over his in an aggressively passionate kiss; he reciprocated compliantly, feeling himself drifting, floating giddily as he began to struggle for air. But he didn't care.

He had lost the power to hear the woman's voice, he had lost the power of speech; one by one his senses were abandoning him; he couldn't think, all he could do was feel. His body was slowly succumbing and reacting to the beautiful, excruciating pleasure; and it was glorious.


It was therefore unsurprising that Dean didn't hear the crash as the door was flung open, but his seducer certainly did.

Leaping to her feet, she spun violently round in the direction of the intrusion, her flame red hair whipping about her pale face like a halo of fire, when the two men dashed into the room.

Sam and Bobby stopped dead in their tracks, staring in horror at the menacing beauty of the creature that crouched, hissing like a tomcat, beside the bed; leaving her helpless prey sinking bonelessly into the mattress.

If they were shocked by the sight of the succubus that confronted them, they were totally stunned into mute astonishment when Leylaani's tiny form charged into the room between the two men, barging them both aside. Her pretty face was contorted into a grotesque mask of rage, as she let out a terrifying banshee shriek and launched herself bodily at the astounded creature clutching a bloodstained knife in her bleeding hand.

The hunter and the succubus tumbled back onto the bed, sprawling across the unconscious figure within it as they grappled viciously. Leylaani, knowing she had mere seconds in which to act, clamped a hand over the creature's face, pushing it's head hard firmly into the mattress, plunging the knife hard and without hesitation into the long, ivory pale neck

Bobby and Sam stared wide-eyed and open mouthed at the scene.

"Remind me never to annoy this girl …" Sam mumbled blankly.


The succubus let out an agonised, gurgling hiss, her convulsing body flickering and crackling as she faded from her solid form to a barely visible swirling cloud of silver ash which suddenly and violently dispersed, settling softly over the room as a film of harmless dust, leaving Leylaani slumped, breathless with shock, face down on the bed, sprawled untidily across it's sleeping and blissfully oblivious occupant.

An occupant who at that precise moment in time awoke blearily from the most intense and deliciously vivid dream he had ever experienced, blinking vacantly to focus his swimming vision. He froze mid yawn as his heavy-lidded eyes latched onto the glistening chocolate brown of Leylaani's eyes hovering inches away from his own.

They stared at each other for a curiously uncomfortable moment until Dean broke the silence.

"Um, hello …"

Leylaani smiled coyly, trying to look as casually nonchalant as it was possible to look when sprawled across someone's sweaty, near naked body feeling your own body pulsating from the pounding of their racing heartbeat and trying desperately to ignore the fact that there is something very hard and very prominent poking into your right hip.

Okay, this was awkward!

Dean cleared his throat loudly, feeling a warm blush blossom across his face; "uh; I don't know what was in that pink stuff you brought me last night;" he croaked, "but it was freakin' awesome!"


Chapter 16
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