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Wish You Were Here - Chapter 14

Bobby opened his mouth weakly to respond but no sound came out. He stared at the exquisitely delicate young woman. Hunter? His mind couldn't process the information.

Leylaani smiled, "shall we sit?"

She led Bobby by the forearm over to a table in front of the dining area and waved across at Des behind the bar. He nodded a cheerful acknowledgement.

Leylaani sat down and smiled gently at the shocked man who stared back at her from across the table. Eventually his brain began to re-engage and he slowly regained the power of speech.

"So how, I mean - why… ?"

She cocked her head curiously.

"Why am I here? How do I know there's a succubus?" she asked.

Bobby nodded mutely.

"How much do you know about this job?" She began.

Bobby shook his head, both to indicate a negative answer and to clear his thoughts. "Not as much as I would like," he replied; "I looked through a load of news articles an' stuff, but I only got this damn thing," Bobby fumbled in his pocket for his Blackberry; "I can hardly see the damn words on that pansy-ass little screen."

Leylaani smiled, "so you know there have been three deaths at this resort?"

"Yeah," Bobby nodded.

"Did you know there were four more deaths at another resort before it began at Mau Loa?"

Bobby's eyes widened; "the hell …?"

She nodded; "I've been tracking this thing since the third death when I realised what it was, but the bitch has always kept one step ahead of me."

"Why's she huntin' at holiday resorts?" Bobby asked.

"Think about it Mr Sing … Bobby?" she hesitated, looking up at Bobby, and he smiled with a nod. He liked the sound of his name on the lovely young woman's lips; "a holiday resort. A supply of young, fit males, all showing off their charms by wearing very little clothing, packing their inhibitions away for a couple of weeks …"

Bobby considered her words and nodded in agreement; "it's like a succubus 'all you can eat' buffet …"

"Their usual M.O. is to go after sleeping men," Leylaani continued, "that's why the majority of their victims are found in bed; they charm them into a dream like state so the guys are completely compliant, then the succubus can take her time … savour her meal."

"The vics that are awake have to be physically subdued before she can have her wicked way; makes it harder work," Leylaani explained.

Bobby nodded an understanding; "that would explain the bruises on the guy that was found in the car, but not on the two guys in their beds."

Leylaani nodded; "I couldn't get close enough to find out much when I realised what was going on at the other resort. I managed to sneak into the resort pretending to be a guest from time to time, but not enough to make any headway," she sighed; "after the first death here, I realised she'd moved on and was at Mau Loa, so I decided to try to get a job here, seemed like the best way to get up close and personal."

Bobby shrugged; "sounds reasonable," he grunted.

"I started about six weeks ago as a waitress," Leylaani explained; "unfortunately not in time to prevent the second death."

"What about the third one," asked Bobby.

Leylaani looked downcast; "it was terribly sad," she sighed, "he was a guest, a lovely young guy." She hesitated for a moment; "shortly before he died, our hostess collapsed; she was rushed to hospital, and is still too sick to come back.  That's how I got promoted to this job.  I guess everyone was so pre-occupied with the shock of her sudden illness, the succubus had a free pass.  I'll know better next time."

Bobby remained silent, he knew there was more to come.

"I think the collapse was caused by the succubus leaving her body to go to her next victim."

"I ain't had much dealin's with succubi," admitted Bobby; "but ya right, they possess people the same way ordinary demons do, but they gotta be in corporeal form to do their 'thing'."

He hesitated a moment; "have you got an exorcism for it?"

Leylaani gave a knowing smile, "I've got better than that," glancing timidly around herself, she leaned forward, as if about to impart an important secret; "the lore says you can kill a succubus by stabbing her with a blade tainted with the blood of a female virgin."

Bobby's face dropped; "oh great; how the hell are we going to get our hands on that?"

Leylaani cleared her throat and averted her eyes, fiddling awkwardly with the pink hibiscus flower in her hair.

"Oh;" Bobby felt himself blush again.

"I made the choice a few years ago; I decided I want to give myself pure in body and soul to someone who deserves it, someone who would be the love of my life," she stated quietly, studying the table top, not quite believing she was having this conversation with a man who was little more than a stranger; "when I find him," she added with a wry smile.

"Well, whoever earns that right - and he'd better work friggin' hard to earn it - he's a real lucky guy;" Bobby smiled warmly, patting her hand reassuringly, "you're an amazin' young woman!"

"Plus, I've got to say," Leylaani added with a giggle; "it does come in handy on occasion in this line of work!"

Bobby spluttered softly into his beard; "I, uh, I guess so!"

"Anyway, "Leylaani continued; "the complication we have is that a succubus is only corporeal, that is able to be stabbed, when she's feeding."


She nodded, "that about sums it up," adding, "from what I know, I think we'll have less than thirty seconds from the moment she sees us before she's able to transform back to a spiritual state. Then we've lost her, probably for good."

Bobby sighed; swift, reflexive movements weren't exactly his strong suit at the moment.


"I think we need to be on high alert;" Leylaani jolted him out of his musings, "I'm worried about your boys, but particularly Dean."

"Why?" Bobby enquired.

"Two reasons," she answered confidently, "a succubus is a fussy eater, and she will seek out men who are - shall we say - 'red-blooded' enough to satisfy her."

She could see Bobby pondering on her words; "Sam is very sweet; he's handsoome and charming and completely adorable, but he's also shy and respectful - I think she would find him too tame." Her face lifted into a smile; "Dean on the other hand has no shame; he would charm her out of her demonic panties within minutes."

Bobby laughed, "you're not wrong!"

"Also," she added, "have you seen pictures of her victims?"

"Only the last three," Bobby replied.

"Well, Bobby, our succubus clearly has a 'type'," she explained; "six of her seven victims; muscular blond men."

Bobby jolted, he hadn't made that connection; "so basically, we've got to wait until the bitch has got her hooks into someone before we can act."

Leylaani shrugged; "I don't see that we have a choice."

"Well, it ain't gonna be my boys," he growled.

Bobby couldn't believe how he was bonding with Leylaani. She had trusted him enough to bare her soul to him, and he felt inclined to do the same for her.

"You know, the life those boys have had would make a hard man weep," he began; "The crap they've had to deal with is more than the average Joe could even have nightmares about."

"They're hunters too," he explained quietly; "but I haven't told them about the succubus or my research, because I want them so much to be able to have a vacation without worrying about any of this shit."

A smile crossed his face. "Dean's never had a vacation before. Leylaani, you should see him, he's like a six year old on a sugar rush, I've never seen him so happy, or smiling so much as he's done since he's been here." He took a deep breath; "telling them about the succubus will end all that, it just becomes another job;" he looked at the sympathetically smiling woman opposite him; "I can't do that to them."

"I understand, Bobby, really I do; but I really think they need the chance to defend themselves from an attack. You can't be with them every moment of every day."

Bobby sighed. She was right, of course she was; Bobby knew it and he hated the thought.


They both turned on hearing footsteps approach, and saw Sam walking towards them.

"Hey Leylaani, hey Bobby, what happened to that water you were supposed to be fetching?" he asked with a smile.

"Oh crap, sorry Sam, got sidetracked;" he rose to his feet, gesturing towards the three abandoned bottles of water on the floor beside him.

Sam stood and stared quizzically at the pair. Less than twelve hours ago, Bobby was acting like he couldn't stand the sight of Leylaani, and now, here they were cosying up like BFF's. He shook his head with an exasperated sigh.

"How's Dean?" Leylaani asked sweetly.

"He's much better, thanks; just tired, so I left him up in the room having a nap on my bed;" he grinned broadly, "I reckon he'll be fine, back to his usual self by tonight - God help us!"

If he was expecting a humorous remark about Dean's endless reserves of enthusiasm, Sam was taken aback by Bobby's response.

"You left ya brother on his own?" Bobby's eyes widened in horror.

"Hey chill," Sam smiled, "there's only so much damage the great lunk can do to himself while he's asleep," Sam chuckled, "I was bored sitting in the room with nothing to listen to but him snoring, so I thought I'd come and check you hadn't fallen down the well fetching the water …"

"Sorry Sam," Bobby clumsily gathered the bottles up, "I've got the water, I'm on my way."

Leylaani rose, patting Bobby's shoulder; "I have to get back to work Bobby, I'll see you around;" She turned towards the bar and glanced back at Sam as she spoke.

Bobby knew her look said 'it's up to you whether you tell them.'

He grabbed Sam by the arm, and strode off towards the room, dragging the bemused man along behind him; "come on Sam, lets go an' check Dean's okay."

They both turned back on hearing an anguished cry behind them; "Oh God, Bobby …"

They turned to see Leylaani crouching beside Des' crumpled form on the ground behind the bar.

"It's Des, he's collapsed!"

The three long-awaited bottles of water crashed to the ground.


Hungry eyes stared across the airy room at the rumpled bed, moreso the sleeping figure that lay within it. Bathed in a shaft of late morning sunlight, there was a dreamy, ethereal quality about the sleeping form.

She inhaled deeply of the faintest musk of sweat which hung in the air even though her prey was clean and refreshed after a recent shower.

Nestled into the deepest of sleeps, his restful state wiped some years from his face; he looked content, comfortable and utterly at peace.

Watching intently, she relished the soft, slow breaths which escaped through slightly parted lips, each gentle breath driving the rhythmic rise and fall of his broad chest.

Her eager eyes lingered, savouring every detail of the exquisite form in front of her; his unkempt, slightly shower damp dark blond hair, his long dark lashes which fluttered imperceptibly as the REM phase of sleep worked it's healing magic on his recovering body, the sharp lines of his newly shaven jaw line, the curve of his strong neck and the intensely inviting hollows above his collarbones. She licked her dry lips, sucking in a long appreciative breath.

The fair, slightly tanned tint of his bare torso turned her mind to honey; softly, sweetly golden and her body ached to taste it.

This was the one; this was the one that would make everything worthwhile. Ever since she realised there was a hunter at the resort all those weeks ago she had been hiding, reduced to possessing that ridiculous balding, middle-aged man. A poor accommodation for one so noble as her.

But it was necessary, the hunter, whoever they were, would be looking for a pretty young woman, as long as Des stood behind his bar pouring that swill he calls coffee and talking trite garbage about the weather, the sport results and how terrible the deaths had been, no-one in the world would suspect her.

A succubus needed to feed, and she had been on the point of giving up on this resort, and moving on to find better pickings, but she knew this was the one from the moment she saw him; he would be a sumptuous feast indeed.

She felt her heart lurch with longing as he shifted, burrowing his powerful shoulders into the pillow with a long sigh. She smiled, watching them bunch and flex as he shifted again, his long legs moving slowly beneath the thin white sheet which lay tangled around them.

He settled with a long sigh, which she heard herself echo.

Yes, he had been sick and, as a result would be slightly weakened, but even in that condition he would be stronger, more potent than any of her prey so far.

And he was alone; she would not get a better opportunity than this.

The powerful, flawless body would be hers, and the strong, pure spirit that filled it would feed her desire beyond satisfaction.

She took a step towards the bed.



Chapter 15

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