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I might have just done ... this

Over the course of the last couple of years, I seem to have amassed quite a collection of the Supernatural portraits which I've drawn to get signed by our lovely cast at the conventions.

These signed originals are safely framed and either hung on my office wall or sitting on the corner of my desk and patiently waiting for me to find a spare square inch of wall space in to hang them.

But either way, they're precious to me and they're not going anywhere!

However, I've been thinking for a while that I might put the prints out there in cyberspace and see if there was any interest in them, so I've eventually got my arse in gear and opened an Etsy shop, and my full collection of prints are all there:


This is nothing to do with dapplegrey art, just a bit of private fun that might help me fund the mounts, paper and pencils that I use for drawing these portraits, or maybe not ...

We'll have to see what happens!
Tags: artwork, fan art, supernatural

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