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DG steps back in time

I'm taking the dapplegrey stall to a little village called Englefield Green tomorrow.

Englefield Green is very close to the town of Runnymede which is where the infamous King John famously signed Magna Carta 800 years ago.  For this reason, the brief for stallholders is 'we want to celebrate this great occasion, so help us enter into the spirit and dress your stalls in a medieval theme'.

Enter DG.  The face of dapplegrey art ...

Historical inaccuracies aside - this style of armour was more typical of that worn at the Battle of Agincourt, 200 years later - I've extended the heraldic theme with a bunting which I've spent the evening making.

See, I knew all those hours watching Blue Peter would come in handy one day!!!
Tags: dapplegrey art, silliness

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