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Ever been caught short? 

It's just one of those inconvenient and slightly embarrassing things that happen from time to time.

Most people are very understanding about such things - some are not!

Enter Dean, stage left ...


Rating K+
Genre Humour
Word Count approx 100



A sleek, black car roars along the highway.


"Dean, man, we gotta stop."

"M'not stoppin'; tie a knot in it."

"I've had a knot in it for an hour; I'm friggin' desperate dude!"

"Your fault for drinkin' all that herbal tea crap."

Sam squirmed miserably; a sheen of sweat highlighting his brow.

"Sam, we've gotta reach this cemetary before sun-up; I already stopped twice for you, an' I ain't stoppin' again, tie a bigger knot.

"Dean …"

"use a bottle or somethin'"

"DEAN …"

"I said …"


Five past midnight.

A sleek, black car skids violently to a halt …





Tags: brothers, dean winchester, humiliating, humour, impala, sam winchester, sulky!dean, supernatural

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