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This is why I'm such a bad friend ...

On a visit to gorgeous Glastonbury with the lovely tattooeddevil, I explained that it was unforgivable to visit the county of Somerset and not partake of the Cider for which it is most famous.

So we sat down, and selected a traditional Scrumpy for her to sample, and she was so excited at the prospect:

And then she tasted it.

I'm such a bad friend ...

Luckily traipsing up the side of Glastonbury Tor in a ten force gale helped her to forget the ordeal by Scrumpy!
Here we are, wild and windswept, sheltering inside the tower of the ruined St Michael's church on top of the Tor.

It was a lovely day, and we can't wait to do it again (only without the Scrumpy) :)
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