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Fringe Benefits

Our boy Jensen has this lovely hair.  Well, not just one lovely hair, obviously; he has a whole lot of them which all together make this deliciously thick and luxuriant thatch that we all want to run our fingers (and maybe not just our fingers) through.

So just to prove my point, here is a small appreciation of that devastatingly handsome hair, those lucious locks, that beautiful barnet ...

Ladies, I give you ... Jensen's hair.

Jensen's hair is very pretty.

Sometimes Jensen wears it short ...

And sometimes he wears it longer. (Don't laugh - it's not funny).

sometimes he puts it under a hat to keep it dry.

And sometimes his hat doesn't work.

Jensen's hair looks scarily neat and tidy sometimes.

Other times it looks like he's tried to comb it with a knife and fork.

So works hard at keeping his lovely hair tidy.  Somestimes he hides it in a hairnet.

Or wraps it in an alice band.

And when his hair still looks messy, Jensen gets all grumpy.

It has this cute little swirly spot on the top of it.

And sometimes it looks a little bit pointy.

Or 'take-your-eye-out' pointy.

Yes, Jensen's hair is full of surprises.


Occasionally, it has a vaguely demonic feel about it.

At times like that, it often has a pleasant aftterglow too.

Ssometimes it likes to escape, and spreads all over his face.

But that's okay, we still want to run our fingers through it.

What?  I never said I was going to limit this to the hair on his head ...

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