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Signed pictures

Some of you may all remember that before Asylum 14 and Jus in Bello I was scribbling away feverishly to draw a number of character portraits to get signed at A14 and Jus in Bello.

Somehow, I manage to complete nine, and I was delighted that I managed to get them all signed.  here is the outcome:

Jared was really sweet and said he loved it.  I told him I wanted to show off his amazing hair and he laughed.  he was wearing it tied up in a silly top knot at the time and asked me how amazing it looked  that way, and I said it was ... remarkable!

Jensen let out that gorgeous throaty chuckle that he does and said 'awesome!'

JDM asked if this was my work - twice, and said he loved it.

Travis was adorable.  He seemed so flattered that someone had done fan art and spent so long looking at it that I actually started getting twitchy for the lady behind me.  He said thank you and told me to keep up the good work.  Funnily, the one thing that drew his attention was that I included the hole in his ear piercing that he had done when he was seventeen!  I was so touched by what he wrote on the picture.

Tim asked if this was my work, and when I said it was, he picked it up, held up and yelled right across the autograph room, 'lookn at this fantastic art'.  Talk about wanting the ground to open up and swallow me!!!  But he was very complimentary and asked me to tweet it to him.  I did that when I got back from JIB and he favourited it !! :)

Alaina was great.  I said she was fun to draw and she replied that it was fun to be!

I teased Felicia and told her that I drew this and a couple of weeks later she turned up in the show with a different haircut.  She told me she was really sorry and wouldn't do it again!

Tahmoh was lovely and thanked me for doing a drawing of him.

Rob was delighted and said he was flattered that I'd chosen to draw him :)

What an amazing appreciative cast we have - I is such a happy Dizzo!

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