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More groping and grinning

I promised I would post my photos from Asylum 14 - so here they are.  Apologies in advance from more pictures of me looking like a stoned rabbit in the headlights of Jensen's glory!

Like so:

I got a lovely hug off of our mighty moose.  There were no signs at all of what was to come - he was an absolute professional.  If he was battling any demons, then he was doing it very well!


Castiel and Misha made a handsome pair

I may have fallen just a little bit in love with Travis!

JDM - what a gentleman - and very easy on the eye too!

Jim Michaels - always entertaining!


Mark Sheppard channels Crowley very well in his photo shoots :)

Lauren Tom was delightful - and dainty!

Metatron may be a worm, but Curtis was an absolute sweetie.  We got into our hug then there was a hold up as the photographer had to change the card in the camera - and he didn't let go once!!!

Tim Omundson - what a character!

I thought it would be nice to reunite Castiel and Hannah, the lovebirds!

I'd defy anyone to look glamorous next to this woman!

With my buddy Viv in what could be our greatest photo op ever!!
We look like we photobombed our own picture :D

Another epic - I look very pleased with myself here for some reason ... I can't imagine why!

The mini-boys meet their Mum!

Orlando was such a sweetheart.  I thanked him for being such a great advocate for our show and he was really gracious and adorable!

Crowley gets a punch on the nose from his Mum.  No more than he deserves!


And so that was Asylum 14!
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