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Okay, you asked for it ...

You wanted to see my photos - so here they are in all their gruesome glory!

I'll post the Jus in Bello ones here, Asylum ones to follow!

As I mentioned in my last post, JIB was an amazing, amusing and very moving experience.  Obviously we were sad when Jared had to pull out and there were a few tears throughout the hall - no point denying that, but everyone understood and sympathised and that's when the Spn Family rose to the occasion so admirably.

Jensen is no less than a phenomenon - he truly is a force of nature.  It's well documented that he's a shy person. He's been called introverted, maybe even a little bit guarded, but when he's on that stage ... he OWNS the room and everyone in it.  Ably supported by the rest of the cast, especially Misha, Richard Speight and Rob Benedict, he bounced from panel, to photo shoot, to autograph room, squeezing in a couple of extra sessions to cover people who had bought Jared ops and autos.  Add to that the singing, the dancing and the Jailbreak concert on Monday night - not to mention the now-fabled belly flash, my estimation of the man couldn't rise higher.

On the subject of the Jaillbreak concert, it was amazing to see Jensen there this year.  It exorcised my demons of 2013 when I had tickets to go and decided not to because I'd been sightseeing all day and was hot, sweaty, tired and footsore and just couldn't face the thought of crossing Rome to stand in a small, stuffy room listening to music that doesn't necessarily excite me on the unlikely offchance that Jensen might turn up.  Then I found out the following morning that Jensen had been there and rocked everyone's socks off for half the evening!

I thought my Jailbreak curse was going to continue this year because somewhere along the line, I seemed to have had a complete brain fart and had forgotten to book a ticket!!  Luckily, the delicious herminekurotowa
(in the picture below) came to my rescue as she had double booked and had a spare ticket for me.  She is a truly awesome human being - ask her about Jensen's cup!

If you haven't seen all the wonderful videos that are circulating on Youtube - go now, what are you waiting for?  It's golden!

Highlights include:
Jensen singing Sweet Home Alabama and getting teary-eyed about Jared
Osric dressed as ... I have no clue ... but Osric dressed epically anyway
Jensen and Misha dancing as Castiel and Dean (Misha is about as good a dancer as I would imagine Cas to be)
Jensen and Misha ballet dancing with the rest of the guests
Felicia being delightful and incredibly strong and positive about being a lady geek
The belly flash - it's quite profound knowing that I am one of an infinitessimally small number of individuals who have seen a genuine perky nipple in real life
Misha getting emotional while telling a long story about cycling up a hill with a fish on the back of his bike, all this while trying not to be distracted by a girl who had
just fainted
in the question line of his panel (yes, really)
Jensen admitting to Misha that he was squeamish about dirty nappies
Did I mention the belly flash?

In the meantime, you wanted to see them, so her they are - my photo ops!

Who couldn't love that face?  (Misha's - not mine!)

Jensen's really impressed by his mini brother - you can just see it in his eyes, can't you!

Do I look like I  enjoyed this photo - I sort of did!

This is my 'squished so tight I can't breathe, but who cares, I'll die happy' face

Jim thought his Mini-Bobby was 'impressive'!

I didn't liike this picture at first because I wasn't ready; I'd just been teasing Osric telling him how epic his costume is and having Felicia complain that she felt upstaged by him.  Now I think it's fun and natural!

I did this in the first photo op of the day straight after the announcement about Jared.  Jensen seemed to be really touched by the gesture and I told him I would tweet it to Jared just as soon as I could (which I've done now).  My eyeliner gave it's life for this sign and was happy to do so!
By the way, if I look like hammered crap in this picture there's a good reason for that.  It's called a hangover :)


Tahmoh, as always, a perfect gentleman!
JIB8.jpgHere's to next year!

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