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Back from the Asylum ...

It is a fact of life that if you don't come back from a convention knackered, hot, wilting, dehydrated, and with feet feeling like tenderised steak, then you haven't been doing it right.

On that basis, I must have had a perfect weekend because I crawled into bed last night feeling like I'd been excavated from the tomb of Nefertiri.

Yes, it was crazy, the queues were epic and the organisation was based around that unique brand of logic that you only find at a Rogue convention but ... hell, what a weekend!

The best part, as ever, was the joy of catching up with all my convention cohorts (plus a couple of newbies), Viv, Angela (taking the photo so not in the picture), Elisa,  amberdreams, jj1564, milly_gal, sasha_dragon - you gorgeous ladies were the jam in my A14 doughnut!!!

I don't have electronic scans of my pics at the moment as I'm not at home (more on that later), but in the meantime, here's a few photographed copies, along with the highlights of my awesome weekend!!

Jensen and Jared get more stunning every time I set eyes on them (and Jensen rocks a pink shirt).  JDM is sweet and courteous and a very handsome man.  Sadly, he had to fly home Saturday night because his poor dog was taken ill and is dying, and he's devastated - that was heartbreakingly clear to see. :'(  But he stuck around on Saturday and honoured all his photos and autographs - he was a real trooper and we all appreciated him no end for it.

My J3 photo with my lovely friend Viv turned into a wonderful puppy pile which I will treasure forever!

I will be eternally grateful that I got talked into attending the Jason Manns concert on Saturday night.  I was tired and hungry and, I hate to say it, but although Jason is a really sweet guy and undeniably talented, it's just not my sort of music - I find it a bit, shall we say, soporific!  That said, although I did find the concert heavy going, once his 'special guests' stepped on the stage, I was revived spectacularly.  Tim Omundson is an amazing harmonica player, and a fantastic performer,and Jensen singing and playing the guitar ... what can I say?  Nothing.  There are no words for the awesomeness of witnessing that delicious and amazing spectacle!!!

Credit as per watermark

Then there was Travis who is adorable beyond words.  He was really complimentary about my picture of him, and almost made my cry with his lovely words.  When he signed it, he wrote 'true artist' on his signature

I had a fabulous exchange with Tim Omundsen who stood up and yelled across the whole autograph room how much he liked my picture, and held it up for everyone to see before he signed it.  When Orlando Jones saw the picture he loved it and told me that from now on, he was my fan.  Then he asked me for my autograph!   I think I was doing my best beetroot expression when I left the room ...

Mini Crowley had a meeting with his Mummy dearest - and got a punch on the nose for his troubles!!

Other squee-worthy photos include getting a genuine, honest-to-goodness smile out of Jensen :):

Getting a fabulous squish out of Jared, (not to mention a shoulder squeeze and a wink as I walked away!!!!!!)

Then there was Jeffrey, did I mention he was lovely????

So yes, Asylum 14 is over and awesome times were had by all, all the guests were delightful, and yes, my feet still feel like tenderised steak!

There will be more pics and squee soon, and that brings me seamlessly to the 'not being a home' stuff.

I received a call from Mr Dizzo Saturday morning imparting the delightful news that he'd come down with Norovirus.  Poor man had spent the entire night projectile vomiting (and worse) and had spent the night sleeping on the landing so he could be next to the bathroom.

Not that I'm not sympathetic or anything, because I am, but ... I fly to Rome for Jus in Bello in 4 days.  I CANNOT catch this thing!

So we discussed it, and at Mr Dizzo's suggestion, I'm staying away from home between now and JIB.  I need to go home to pick up passports, currency and change of clothes etc. but I won't have to sleep in the bed he's been sweating out his germs in, or use the bathroom he'd been occupying all night.  My lovely friend Viv, who is a total angel, is putting me up for the duration :)

If I catch it after I get back from JIB, fair enough.  Not bothered, but before?  No. NO. NOT HAPPENING!

So that's why I'm away from my scanner!!!!!

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