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Well, that was a good dapplegrey weekend.

Well, it's been a busy, busy weekend - think I'm going back to the day job for a rest.

It started off with a nice day on Saturday at the Surrey Heath Show, only a few miles from my home.  I always enjoy that show because I see familiar faces and I get to see some lovely regular customers, people who purposely come back to find me and see what's new on the stall, and that's a great feeling!

I also had a bit of empty space next to me, so I had a good, open set up, and all in all, the day was very successful.

Surrey Heath set up

Then on Sunday, I moved on to Basingstoke for their May Day Family Fair.  Not the most auspicious of starts when I got lost finding the place and then just as I finally pulled up in their car park,  the heavens opened, and they stayed open.  By the time I had unloaded the car, I was doing a very respectable drowned rat impression. 

I had a sinking feeling as I set up, listening to the rain hammering on the roof of the marquee, and seeing the misty, grey daylight outside, that I ought not to expect much from this day ... and unfortunately I was right!

Basingstoke set up

The awful weather kept the people away, and at the end of what turned out to be a ten hour day, taking into account travelling, setting up and then standing around all day in a draughty marquee waiting for customers that never came, I had earned the princely sum of five pounds - it would haave barely covered my petrol, and was seriously questioning my choices in life.  Talk about soul-destroying!

But, what a difference a day makes.  Today, the day dawned bright and sunny, and after a quiet start, the crowds appeared and by lunchtime I was beating them off with a stick!  Lots of interest, lots of sales and best of all, I sold an original.

A lady homed in on my Pegasus original, and decided she had to have it.  Her father had passed away seven years ago, she explained, and he had been an Arnhem veteran.  My Pegasus made her think of him because Pegasus is the regimental emblem of the Airborne Division.

Talk about a smack in the feels; that, right there, made the whole weekend worthwhile!

So there you have it; the first dapplegrey weekend of 2015 was a great success, even with the rubbish middle day.  It feels good to be back on the road again!

Although D.G. might not agree ...

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