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Hold it, hold it ... control yourself Dizzo ...

Well, it's only a week to Asylum 14 now, and counting down.  ONE BLOODY WEEK!!!!!!

I know many of my beloved cohorts are gradually spiralling into that delightful oestrogen-induced delirium that only Jared and Jensen can engender, and I kind of want to be joining them, but I have to control myself for three days ...

*bites knuckles*

For the next three days, I'm taking dapplegrey art on the road, so I've temporarily removed my Supernatural hat and donned my dapplegrey art hat.  Taking a deep breath ... I am the aloof ice-queen, a paragon of self control as for the next three days I will be focussed and professional and, as a result, will hopefully sell shedloads of pictures.

Tags: asylum 14, dapplegrey art, happy dizzo
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