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Ascot's answer to the Marie Celeste

As some of you may be aware, my workplace have been through a massive move recently.

I work in the head office of a charity whose services include a number of care homes for the elderly, and our Head Office was attached to the oldest of their care homes.  We've built an incredible new state-of-the-art care village on the same site, and the new head office is  incorporated within it.

At the end of the week, we will no longer have access to the old buildings - they will be handed over to the construction company for demolition - but yesterday, I had cause to go over there as we still have some archived records over there which are being collected and shipped off to external storage on Thursday.

After I'd finished my brief visit to the archives, I took a little wander around the old place all on my ownsome, and - wow - it's amazing what the hustle and bustle of people and a little bit of furniture can do to a place, because now its tired old rooms and corridors which have been my workplace for almost twelve years are like some creepy dream.

Here's a little tour around the old place.

This is the main corridor through the oldest part of the care home (this part is about 120 years old)

The corridor into head office,

My old office

The head office 'open plan' area

One of the function rooms in the care home - decorations from the last function ever held there are still lying around

The main corridor through the newer part of the care home (about 55 years old)

A residents' social room

The physiotherapy room

Another residents' social room

and finally ...
We're all thinking it, aren't we ...

This would make a great set for an episode of Supernatural!!!

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