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Anyone fancy a good cry?

Seeing this beautiful but desperately heartbreaking artwork that has been posted by wings128 and milly_gal today, it made me think of a certain fic.

A few years ago, I challenged Mr Dizzo to write a fanfic, and at first he said 'no way', but in the end, he did write his one and only Supernatural fanfic, (under the pseudonym of Destroyer of Wor1ds - so that should have warned me of what was to come), but he couldn't write something nice and lfuffy or exciting and action-packed ... oh no ...

Not only did he write one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever read, he showed it to me while we were out for a meal so there I was, sitting in the middle of a pub, sobbing into my risotto!

Here it is ... it's only 400 words and you've probably sussed by now it's a deathfic.  You have been warned!!!!!

The Final Drive

It's on fanfic.net, so feel free to leave Mr Dizzo some love - if you want to :)
Tags: castiel, dean winchester, fan fiction, impala, sam winchester

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