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Well done guys!

Can I just say a big thank you to the guys who gave me the heads up that five of my works were among many that had been filched off of AO3 by some bot-ridden sinkhole called http://www.ebooks-tree.com/

The good news is, it looks like our little crusade worked, and thief-site got the message.  As at my last check, my stories have gone and so have those of a couple of other authors I know had the same problem.

Thanks also to the ever-awesome AO3 who took the problem very seriously and posted all sorts of useful advice.

I guess we'll never stop this sort of thievery from happening but it's good to know that our voices are heard when it does!

Oh, he appears to have lost all his clothes.  Perhaps the bots stole them too ...
Tags: fandom, happy dizzo

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