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Scrumptious Shiny

What a lucky Dizzo I am!

Meeting up with the lovely jj1564 and milly_gal yesterday for a belated birthday celebration, I was very lucky to be on the receiving end of something shiny and scrumptious and something scrumptious and scrumptious.

This is my lovely, super shiny from Milly - I'm going to positively jangle at Asylum 14 with all this lovely loot.

The barrel of the colt does tend to disappear down my cleavage, but - I'm not complaininng - Jensen is welcome to reach down and fish it out any time he likes!!!

The bracelet is perfect and pretty because I loooooove purple :)

Then we get onto the squeezably scrumptious from JJ.

Oh to go to sleep with this in my arms ...

I left it sitting on the bed last night after taking this picture, and Mr Dizzo found it when he got in from his boys' day out and went upstairs to change.  His comment; "Oh, eurgh - what's that great tart doing there?"

Honestly, I married a complete philestine!

So thank you ladies, your gorgeous gifts were gratefully received (certainly by me, if not by Mr D) :)

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