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Looking for a Good Home ...

Mr Dizzo and I are currently going through a loft clear out, and trust me after 23 years of two pathological hoarders living together, this is NO SMALL TASK!

Anyway, we have finally worked our way back to the bit I've been dreading ... my cuddly toys.  I know charity stores don't always like to take them because of health and safety issues - apparently they harbour dust and stuff - likewise hospitals and nurseries aren't always interested in them for the same reason, so I'm looking to my F-listies on Facebook and on here to see if anyone would like to rehome any of them.  I can't bear to throw them out.

If any of you like them for yourself or for the kids or if any of you have school fetes or scout fetes or any other types of fetes that you think they might be good donations for, let me know!

I don't want any money for them, I just would appreciate a contribution towards any necessary postage (I'm happy to post overseas), and ultimately, I just want the satisfaction of knowing they've gone to a good home!

This is the selection that we've got down from the loft so far ... (yes, there may be more!)

I'm happy to provide photos of individual toys if you want a better look at them!

And this is a list of what's here:


Scooby Doo (official) - probably the only one that's too big and heavy to post overseas
Yellow chick
Cute kangaroo and joey
Lion - rehomed
Squishy yellow dog
Camel (home made) - rehomed
Sheep - rehomed
Cute yellow rabbit


Otter - rehomed
Harp seal pup
Fox (home made)
Badger (home made)
Shaun the Sheep - rehomed
Blackpool donkey
Christmas teddy
Cartoony tiger
'Huggables' zebra - rehomed
Zebra shoulder purse (no strap)
Bugs Bunny (official)


Beanie Babies Hippo - rehomed
2 x tigers
Beaver with rabbit toy
Lion cub
House of Moran teddy collectable in matching hat and coat

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