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The Watcher

I've been having fun going back through some of my old stories, and I'd forgotten all about this little snippet that I wrote about three years ago.

This is something completely different (in the best traditions of Monty Python), and I think it deserves another airing!


Genre: Gen
Rating: K+
Characters: Outsider POV
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I don't own them

The Winchesters don't usually have an audience for their salt and burns. But tonight someone's watching ...


Moonlight shimmers over his iridescent back like water over onyx;

and he watches.

As he's done his entire life.

In the twisted carcass of an ancient yew, he sits;

and watches over the cemetary.

Tiny, glimmering eyes; black as beetles.

He watches.

But tonight is different.

Tonight, two men came and opened the earth.

Dropped a spark into the ground;

smiled as flames reared up to meet them.

Acrid smoke tainted the air.

And then they left.

He didn't like them;

he still doesn't like them.

The crow quietly preens stinking ash out of his plumage;

and he watches.



Tags: fan fiction
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