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I headed down to Portsmouth yesterday to meet up with my cousin, Marie for a girls' day out, a spot of lunch and a bit of retail therapy.  Marie and I are the closest - in age and relationship - out of our generation of seven cousins on my Mum's side.  We're like the Borg - she's two of seven and I'm three of seven (we're three years apart) and as a nurse of thirty five years, she has a very robust sense of humour - there's not much that can shock her :)

She's had a bit of a chequered life; partly through bad luck, and occasionally due to poor judgement and consequently she's regarded as the black sheep of our family.  She's often talked about in embarrassed tones, like all the rest of us are all so bloody perfect, complete with disapproving eye roll - which firstly, pisses me off no end, and secondly, makes me love her all the more.

Yesterday was a great day, we laughted a lot, hugged a lot, and here's a great photo that the waitress took of us while we were enjoying our obligatory glass of the good stuff together!

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