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Happy Christmas

A gift wrapped selection of icky Deans as a gift for my LJ friends ...

Disclaimers:  Don't own, want, but there's no Winchester shaped gifts under my tree ... :(

Fleece and Quiet

Rating: K
Genre: Hurt Comfort
Word Count: 200 approx

Sam has a sweatshirt; both brothers have a secret ... two related drabbles from each brother's POV. First; Dean ...


Dean would never admit it; oh no, Alastair himself couldn't extract the truth …

But when Dean was sick, there was only one place he wanted to be.

It was big, blue and snuggly; it swamped him, enveloping him like comforting arms, he could curl up inside it. It soothed his ills and smelt of Sam.

Wiping his dripping nose along the sleeve, coughing and spluttering, he moaned and bitched because Sam was laughing; he had a rep to maintain after all - it was expected of him.

But, Sam's sweatshirt made Dean feel protected; like a little brother.

That's why Dean loved it.


Sam would never admit it; oh no; wild dogs wouldn't drag it out of him …

But he loved to see Dean wearing his sweatshirt.

He had to laugh at the pitiful figure huddled on the bed, watery-eyed and wet-nosed; coughing, shivering and burrowing miserably into the giant fleece.

Knees tucked up inside the massive garment, Dean scowled as he gave his sniggering brother 'the finger', the effect ruined somewhat by the sleeve, complete with snotty snail trail, hanging a full six inches over his hand.

Yes, Sam's sweatshirt made Dean look small and vulnerable, just like a little brother.

That's why Sam loved it.




Silence is Golden

Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt Comfort/Humour
Word Count: 100 approx

Sam sees a golden opportunity for some serious uninterrupted teasing and is determined to make the most of it …


Dean clutched his swollen neck, grimacing in pain as his sore, dry throat burned …

" …. nngks ….."

Sam handed him a glass of water.

"What did the Doctor say?"

" …hhhcchhgiiss…"

"What's that Dean?"

" … aaarrrrnnjjjhhhiiss …"


" …. aaangiiiidddiiiiss …"


Dean scowled.

"Angle grinders?"

The scowl turned into a murderous glare

"Hang gliders?"

Dean croaked in frustrated rage, firing a rude gesture at his brother.

"Two hang gliders?"

Sam grinned.

"Dude, you do sound rough!"

" … laaarngiiidddus laaarngiiidddus laaarngiiidddus !…"

"Oh, laryngitis … why didn't you say so, dude!"

" … b . i …ccch …"




The Biggest Lie

Rating: K+
Genre: Angst/Humour
Word Count: 100 approx

Okay, Mr Winsborough; I'm just going to take a little blood now …


Dean Winchester knew all about facts and all about lies.

For instance; right now he was sitting in a clinic, staring intently at the freakin' harpoon in the doctor's hand; a quivering grin plastered across his pallid face in a slightly demented rictus.

That was a fact.

Grubbing around in dark, rat infested catacombs did you no good. That was a fact.

When Sam sends you to the quacks because he's convinced you've got Weil's disease, you go; because he's probably right. That was a fact.

But when the Doctor says, "don't worry, this won't hurt a bit;" that was one big, fat friggin' lie …



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