September 10th, 2021


The Friday Five

1. What are your top 5 favourite foods?

  • Anything with Cheese, especially a real good old-fashioned, extra mature, blow-your-socks-off strong cheddar

  • Anything with chocolate (milk or white)

  • traditional British fish and chips

  • Jacket (baked) potato with cheese and baked beans

  • Hot meat pie – steak and ale or chicken and mushroom

2. Is there something similar between them?

Yes, they’re all unhealthy! :D

3. Can you cook them yourself?

I can knock out a Jacket potato without too much drama, but beyond that, nope!

4. Pick one, and tell us why it is so special.

I’m going to have to go for Fish and chips.  I think fish and chips is a national institution that is hardwired into most British people’s psyches.

Fun fact: Fish and chips was one of the only food products that wasn’t rationed in the UK during the second world war, and that was because the ingredients of fish and chips (eg: cod and potatoes) were very plentiful with the UK being a rainy and damp island nation, so their productuon wasn't too disrupted by the war.  Also, the government believed that taking the people's fish and chips away would be one morale blow too far. They actually believed it could have jeopardised the war effort! 

From a personal point of view, Thursday was the day my Mum got paid, and so Thursday evenings Mum, Dad and me went to do the weekly food shop and always came home with fish and chips, so it’s something that is very evocative for me, and it never changes.  The fish and chips I eat now tastes exactly the same as it did forty years ago.  Those delicious thick, soft, fluffy chips that only a chip shop can produce, with a sprinkling of salt and vinegar and the crunchy, salty batter combined with the moist cod is just to die for.  Add in a scrumptious chip butty with soft white, thickly buttered bread, and you have the food porn to rival them all!

5. Have you eaten your recommended servings of 2 fruit and 5 vegetables today?

No.  Today I’ve managed  a glass of orange juice a handful of green grapes, a banana, a couple of dried apricots and absolutely zero vegetables!