August 17th, 2021


Bye bye little dudes :'(

We woke up yesterday morning to find that overnight our little pond had been visited by a mystery predator who had taken all three of our fish. Our little dudes have been with us for eight years and they were like part of the family.

We are completely stumped as to what did it, our best guess is a heron because they tend to hunt at dawn.  We've never seen a heron over our house, but we have Lightwater Lakes a mile down the road so there's no saying there aren't some there.

In their pond, our fish had a big, hollow cave-like structure where they could go an hide when they needed/wanted to.  The entrances to the 'cave' were only 3-4 inches high and were mostly underwater so nothing but our fish could realistically get in there.  So how this mystery predator could get hold of all three baffles us.

But the fact is, they did.

I'm sitting outside in the garden typing this looking at our empty pond.  You wouldn't think you could get attached to fish, but we did.

And I miss them :(