August 15th, 2021


Planning ahead. Dizzo Style

A few years ago, Mr D and I talked briefly about getting bunnies again.   We got as far as buying a bunny cage, but then life intervened, it seemed like too much hard work and organisation at the time and the idea got pushed onto the back burner.

So we had a rabbit cage with no rabbits in it.

Fast forward to 2021.  We have now revisited the whole bunny project, we finally have the little nutters and they took up residence in our vacant rabbit cage.

However,  our bubs have turned out to be a bit more hefty than we anticipated, and because back in the day when we bought the rabbit cage, we bought it  with one bunny in mind, we had to accept the fact that it was too small for them.

So today we bought them a new, bigger indoor hutch, and their original cage is relegated back to the shed for the time being.  As well as being a little bit longer than the orignal cage, it has a penthouse so that they've got a lot more leg room, and can even grab a bit of alone time if they want it.

The bunnies are spending their first night in it tonight and so far there are no dramas and they seem quite happy.

And once again we have a rabbit cage with no rabbits in it.