July 4th, 2021


Happy Post: They're Home!!!!

Well, this morning, Mr D and I took a 180-mile round trip in torrential rain to pick up two little peeps who will be sharing out life for the next, hopefully many, years.

Nutmeg and Juniper came home at about 11.30 this morning.  We settled them in their little crate for a couple of hours and then opened the crate to let them venture out.  It took Nutmeg all of five minutes before he was out and charging around the living room.  Juniper took about another fifteen minutes to pluck up the courage and then suddenly we had two small furry nutters charging round the room, running, binkying, jumping, climbing and generally getting into everything and everywhere.

They're quite a bit larger than I was expecting -  I suspect they may be slightly older than the 12 weeks that was estimated to us.  They both look not far off fully grown, except that they both need to 'fill out' a bit.  Although Juniper seems to be dedicated to that cause - she never stops eating!

Anyhow - here are our new bubs! Juniper has grey/brown ears, Nutmeg has white ears

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