April 5th, 2021


The Wit and Wisdom of Mr Dizzo.

Mr D and I went for a walk around our local country park yesterday, and walked past a Willow tree, one of many trees on the bank of one of the lakes.

Me: I love Willow trees, they always look so peaceful and serene.
Mr D: I like that one in Harry Potter that beats the shit out of people...

Easter artwork

Having a few days off over Easter has given me a bit of headspace and a bit of time which has been nice after a manic few weeks at work!

I'd been invited to join a great series of art workshops called 'Sketchbook Revival' on Facebook by amberdreams and this was the first opportunity I've had to play in that sandbox.

So far, I've only managed to participate in two of the workshops, but without a single pastel in sight!  It was fun to step outside of my comfort zone for a bit.

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