July 27th, 2020


Would anyone like a Spn colouring book?

One of my Lovely workmates popped into the office on Saturday, and left my birthday gift on my desk.  My birthday was the beginning of April, but it's the first opportunity she had to come in - you know how mad things have been!
She bought me an official Supernatural colouring book.  It was a lovely thoughtful gift, but I already have one exactly the same, which I've already done quite a lot of work in.
The thing is, it's such a nice gift and it deserves to be enjoyed, not just stuck on a shelf and forgotten about. So, I'm offering it to anyone who wants it.  I don't want any money for it, I just want someone to appreciate it the way it should be appreciated.

It's available to the first person who comments at this post!


10 Day challenge - day 5

Post 10 celebrities that you have been in love with (had a crush on).  One per day.  Then ask a friend to take up the challenge.

I love David Tennant.  He's not what you'd call 'conventionally handsome', but he definitely has that certain intangible something - geek chic, I call it.

He is a brilliant and versatile actor, but for me, he will always be my precious Ten.