May 13th, 2020


Quarantine Photo Scavenger Hunt day 15

My computer

yourself (disguised enough that you're comfortable sharing the photo) your favorite book (we won't tell any of the others you picked a favorite) merchandise from a fandom (pick your definition of fandom--sports 100% qualify) your exercise equipment the view out a window
something alive a meal a letter/postcard from someone (feel free to redact) something that keeps you sane your computer
a useful tool memorabilia from an event outside wild card a game you've been playing a musical instrument
something someone made for you a gift you're planning to give an outfit you've worn recently (with or without you inside it) something that makes you smile the kitchen sink
something unexpected something funny a bad habit a good habit something you're proud of

This is my computer.

It's a Dell Inspiron laptop; I've had it three years, and it was the replacement for my good old Sony Vaio that I still miss!

After a shaky start when my original purchase had to be replaced after a terminal hard drive fault three weeks after I bought it, and another terminal fault that required it to be repaired after about a year later, it seems to have settled down (touch wood).

It always has a blob of Blu-tak over the webcam because I don't like them and I don't trust them.  The Blu-tak only comes off when I'm actually using the webcam.

Over the years, my false nails have worn almost all the letters off the keyboard, and these had to be replaced with stickers,  I now have a plastic film over the keyboard to protect them!

And of course, I know you're no doubt all surprised by my desktop picture ...


Supernatural meme - Day 2

Day 2 - Your Favourite Episode

How do I choose one favourite episode?  It's impossible, so I'm going to go with ten of my favourites.

In no particular order:

Mystery spot
Fan Fiction
Clap your hands if you Believe
The French Mistake
Regarding Dean
Tall Tales
A Very Supernatural Christmas

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