March 28th, 2020


Lock-in Fun ... a Blast from the Past

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning this morning (yes, that's right, it takes a global catastrophe for me to galvanise my arse into spring cleaning), and I came across a bag of papers stashed away under our spare bed.

When I opened it up, I found the artwork I submitted for my Art O Level way back in 1984.  I'd totally forgotten it was there!

Just for those who might not know; here in the UK, O Levels were the exams kids took at 16 before leaving school, and before going on to whatever they were going to do next, whether it be sixth form college, tech college or, like me, straight out to hard labour!

O Levels were discontinued the year after I took mine and replaced by another type of exam.

Anyhow, so my O Level was Fine Art, and it was (I think) a 14 hour exam over 3 days.  The main artwork was a still life over 10 hours, and the subsidiary paper was a life study and it was over 4 hours.  In addition to this, you had to do a lot of prep which was a good few extra hours.

And so, this is my stuff:

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