February 9th, 2020



Well, Storm Ciara has parked her arse on the UK, and because I'm not a fan of high winds, driving rain or hailstones, I haven't ventured outside the house once today - except one brief occasion this morning, when I chased my wandering wheelie bin across the front lawn. Thank goodness I did some food shopping yesterday, otherwise my dinner today would probably have consisted of cornflakes, cheese and tinned carrots!

Mr D went to Devon on Friday to visit a couple of friends, so I've had the house to myself all weekend.  (He's under orders to drive VERY carefully if the storm is still going by the time he heads home tonight).  So, I've had a day of chilling, pootling around the house, watching TV and this ...

It's not quite finished yet - can you guess who it is?

(I was hoping I'd get him fnished today, but I kind of fell down the pit of Youtube for a few hours ... )

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