November 5th, 2019


Happy Post: A Gift for Casey28

My dear friend casey28 has gifted me this!!!

After I sent out an SOS, because it's not available in the UK, some of my lovely US friends have stepped up to the plate.  This is my first one to arrive!!

I also have a Jensen cover and a Misha cover on the way in due course. Ultimately I'd like to get a Jared cover and complete the set, but I'm not pressing my luck; if I get the opportunity, I'll be thrilled.  For now, I'm delighted and very grateful with what I've got!

Now, I intend to treat all of my benefactors in time, however, I asked Casey if she'd like a drabble and if so, what sort of a drabble she would like and she suggested a brotherly moment, especially one involving the amulet.

And so, for casey28

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