July 14th, 2019


Happy Post: We won!

We did it!!

I feel like I've aged ten years after watching the game, and New Zealand were fabulous opponents who challenged us every minute of the game, but England evenutally triumphed in the last ball of a 'Super Over' (effectively a penalty shoot out because the actual game was tied).

For the last half-hour I was pacing round the room because I just couldn't sit still.

Well done England - it's been a long wait but what a win!


Captain Jack

When I wasn't having multiple heart attacks over the cricket today, I was working on a picture for London Comic Con in two weeks time, when I will be meeting John Barrowman, aka Captain Jack Harkness!

So apparently, I can draw, leap up and down in my chair and scream at the TV all at the same time!  Even I'm impressed!!!