June 27th, 2019


A Singular Man ... A single layered Jensen picspam.

There are few of us that would argue that a single-layered Jensen is a wondrous sight.  We have become accustomed to seeing his alter-ego Dean Winchester, on screen, wearing more layers than a seven-ton lasagne, and so a single-layered Jensen is also a rare, but equally tasty, treat.

As we shall see, single layers on our boy show off a multitude of charms, and hint at many others (don't worry, we're fanfiction writers, our imagination can fill in the gaps) and those single layers can also take many forms.

And so, without further ado, let's begin this exploration of this very singular man ...

This was the picture that inspired this picspam
Actually, it inspired all sorts of things, but the picspam is the only one of them I can post online ...

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