June 25th, 2019


Crossroads Convention

So that was Crossroads. sasha_dragon and I booked it almost a year ago, as soon as we knew the British Men of Letters were going to be there.  And they were accompanied by convention stalwarts such as Mark Sheppard, Ruth Connell and the gorgeous Kim Rhodes.  There were also a few much smaller guests, such as Erica Cerra who plays Duma the angel and Magda Apanowicz, who was only in one episode of Supernatural, but has the enviable title of being the only woman to attempt tentacle sex with a tied-up Jensen (well, that we know of, anyway!)

I arrived at the Hilton around 2pm on Friday after a two and a half hour drive.  I met sasha_dragon in the bar, and while she very kindly went and got the drinks in, I availed myself of the little girls room.

As I was walking back from said room, I heard a man's voice say 'Hi Jane'.  When I looked up, it was Adam Fergus sittng at a table with David Haydn-Jones and Kim Rhodes having a drink and a spot of lunch!

I had a brief friendly exchange, then I left them alone to have their lunch in peace.

Shortly afterward, we were joined by chellexxx and then the fun began.

There was nothing going on until the opening ceremony at 7.30pm, so we checked into the room and grabbed some dinner.  This gave us a great opportunity to catch up, and the conversation mainly revolved around life in general, Supernatural (well, duh), and ideas for fangirl verse stories.

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