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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
Time is marching on and it's now less than three weeks to Crossroads convention in Brimingham where I will, once again, be teaming up with my gorgeous buddies sasha_dragon and chellexxx.

There is a mixed bag of guests attending - and one of them is lovely Ruth.

So, of course ... here's Rowena!

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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams
03 June 2019 @ 08:01 pm
Well, it's one year to the day since my finest hour - NOT.

Because I actually thought that rolling down a hill in a big plastic ball might be a good idea, THIS is how I woke up on 4th June 2018 after the events of the previous day...

This is how things looked a week later ...

Warning - skankiness!Collapse )

Now, exactly one year later, I'm glad to say almost all back to normal (such as 'normal' is where I'm concerned).  My dear friend Dave can finally look me in the eye again - not that I ever blamed him, poor bloke!

The left shoulder has the doctor's projected 85% range of movement and, even better, no pain.   It appears to have dropped very slightly because I seem to have a never-ending battle with bra straps and gravity on the left hand side - and it has more clicks than a knitting pattern.

But all things considered, I'll take now over then - no contest!
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