May 6th, 2019


Happy Post: Fun with Mr Dizzo

So, this morning, Mr Dizzo and I strolled up to the village centre for a coffee and croissant at breakfast time, and as we were walking down to the coffee shop, we were passed by a van bearing the name 'GIT Direct'. (FYI, apparently GIT Direct is a logistics company based at Heathrow Airport!)

Now, this appealed to my inner-ten-year-old-schoolboy, and I pointed it out to Mr D.  (In case any of you aren't familiar with the word, here in the UK 'git' is a mild swear word, an insult - sort of in the same vein as 'jerk'.)

And so, as we carried on walking through the village Mr D was on a roll, and here are the edited highlights ...

"Git Direct.  We've got all the gits you'll ever need.  Hundreds of gits.  Old gits, young gits, fat gits, thin gits, big gits, small gits, clever gits, stupid gits.  You want gits?  We got them.  You don't even have to wait for your gits.  You'll get them directly.  Gits on demand - one git, two gits, red git, blue gits.  No delays, your gits delivered straight to your door. Instant gittery on your doorstep.  Git discounts for bulk buys - get your gits half price if you order lots of gits ..."

Try explaining why you're crying with laughter when you walk into a coffee shop!