April 5th, 2019


Happy Post: Bumblebee Bums

Inspired by a big bumblebee I found in our kitchen the other day (who got released out of the kitchen window).
There can be few sights cuter than a bumblebee wedging it's little fat, hairy arse into a flower!

Let us rejoice in the cuteness that is ... bumblebee bums!


One Of Those Days...

Not that I love my job any less than normal, but April is always a fraught month in my line of work.

Mainly due to tax year end, but when your organisation raises 700 peoples' salaries in the same month, the government requires you to uplift all their pension contributions, your HR Director is REALLY keen for you to get the draft Reward Strategy draft for the whole organisation ready for the board meeting in the first week of May and then Easter gives you two less working days to do it all in, Dean ably demonstrates my attitude towards some of my less understandding managers this week!