December 18th, 2018


December meme - Day 12

December 12th - talk about this year in medical news

Medically, there was only one big event in my life this year, and that happened on the 3rd of June:

Many of you will be acquainted with the well-documented saga of my broken left shoulder, but in case any of you were on the moon back in June and missed it, it was a zorbing accident - yes, you read that right - and was caused by my fellow zorb-rider, Dave, tumbling over on top of me inside the zorb.

Poor Dave, a long-time friend of mine, was devastated - even though it was in no way his fault, and just now has finally got to the point where he can joke about it!

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Christmas Countdown ...

There's only a week to go, and I've decided to celebrrate the occasion by posting one of my many little Christmas fics each day between now and Christmas day.  Some of these you may have seen before, some maybe not ...


Not everyone knows that Santa keeps an eye on big kids as well as little ones ... we join Santa as he's putting the finishing touches to his list. With a little encouragement.

Rated: K+
Word Count: 500

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