October 10th, 2018


A Weekend in Paris

I've just got back from a fun weekend in Paris at a Spartacus convention.  It was a lovely weekend, having the opportunity to meet people from a different fandom; in many ways it was all very familiar, but it was also strangely different.  Almost like watching myself interacting with long-time Supernatural fandom friends from the outside, as I watched all these Spartacus fans who had laughed and celebrated together over five years worth of conventions.

Attending the convention was a bit of a last-minute decision, (if about three months ago could be considered last-minute).

My friend, and JIB Roommate, Wendy, had first asked me about the con back in the early Summer, and I'd had to let her down because I'd scheduled myself to do the Pretty Muddy fun run for Cancer Research that same weekend, so I had to decline.  Then the shoulder thing happened, and my fracture clinic doctor told me that Pretty Muddy was a no-no.
I'd already got some people sponsoring me, so I announced on Facebook that I was no longer going to be able to do it, and within an hour, Wendy had messaged me.  'So you're free for the Spartacus convention now?'

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